About Us.

In the days of traditional advertising, a great deal of research found that word of mouth is more effective than other types of marketing. In the internet age, with social media being the main medium of communication among the youth, this is no longer true. Today you need the word of mouse!

In 2015, Word of Mouse Studios was established in Mumbai, India, in response to the dearth of competent agencies providing a great blend of technology, design and digital marketing services.

But we are more than just a digital agency. We work with our clients as an extension of their team. We pride ourselves on our proactive approach, attention to detail and our ability to offer innovative solutions by thinking outside of the box, aligning our strategy with the clients’ tactical direction to achieve desired results.

Over the years, we have developed software from business solutions like ERPs to games and video streaming apps. We’ve built websites for branding and e-commerce.

We’ve designed landing pages, banners and other creatives for digital and social media campaigns. We’ve planned and executed marketing campaigns across all platforms on the internet.

We have worked with businesses across industries, be it large internal brands to SMEs and startups. We have a proven track record of delivering outstanding solutions and our growing list of clients is testament to our abilities.

Why Us?

Attention to detail

Does it matter whether that button is blue or green? Whether that headline is 5 words or 3? That pixel is 10 places too much to the right?

Obsessive attention to every detail is what distinguishes a great experience from the rest.

Tell Stories

Facts and figures can draw attention but narratives have the ability to trigger emotions, which are the ultimate drivers of action.

We tell stories about your brand or within your product, that pushes users to take that next step. The goal is engagement.

Plan results (not features)

While end users are inherently goal oriented, designers tend to plan product development around a feature set.

A user centric perspective allows us to develop solutions that focus on results rather than processes.

Uncertainty is unavoidable

In this world the only thing that’s constant is change. It’s imperative to dive into challenges that have not yet clearly been defined.

Our work begins before the final solution is known and we are not averse to change.
In fact, we embrace it.

Speak human

Amidst the busyness, the business and the technology, it’s became harder to connect with the people around us.

Words can warm an audience to our humanity, or chill them with jargon.
We don’t leave copywriting to the engineers.

An eye towards the future

While we all learn from our past, it’s important to anticipate the future

We stay on the cutting edge of trends. We are constantly updating our expertise and increasing our sphere of knowledge. Obsolescence is our biggest fear.

Focus on what we do best

Excellence is achieved through a consistent focus on a select group of skills. This applies equally to people, businesses and products.

We know our core strengths and are constantly honing our skills.

Earn trust through consistency

In a world of quick fixes, instant gratification and infinite choices, in the short term, it’s easy to make tall claims about a product or service

We earn your trust through consistently adding value and over delivering on our promises.